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Sarah Green


"Rising from the sparse scape of a dusty, scorched red earth, Pilbara Wildflowers bring a vibrant display of life after a long, harsh summer, reflecting the joy of the cooler months, their colours pop in contrast to the desert home they endure. A dazzling reminder of the beauty that can come from adversity, patience in timing and the renewal of the seasons and the new beginnings they bring."

It has been a joy to have the opportunity to collaborate with The Courthouse Gallery+Studio and has benefitted my design business by creating an outlet to showcase my artwork and bring it to the public in this way. I think producing artwork onto clothing would have been challenging without the collaboration due to the individual costs involved and it being liable to create at a suitable sale price point without their input. As with any new project it has been a good learning experience and has given me valuable insight into the important processes involved such as contracts, pricing and client relationships.

Having my artwork featured by the Courthouse Gallery+Studio does without doubt help publicise and elevate my position as a creative and contribute to my current practice. It allows more people to see my artwork and create further opportunities for work in the future.

It has been a positive experience overall, they are a joy to work with, offering valuable support to me as a local artist.

- Sarah Green

The Courthouse Gallery+Studio have teamed up with some of Hedland’s talented local artists to create a range of men’s and women’s clothing. This exciting new collaboration aims to showcase the Courthouse Gallery+Studio and their relationship with Hedland’s creatives and give them a platform to be seen by a wider audience. This collaboration features the beauty that surrounds us here in the Pilbara, through the unique views of the artist and their medium.

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