WORKSHOP - 21/10/2023



This workshop will be all about colour, we will look closely at different elements of colour theory. Focusing on primary colours and complimentary colours and how these combinations play an important role in creating earthy tones and beautiful greys that can harmonise a work and make bright colours “pop”. We will also look at the different whites available to artists, synthetic and natural pigments, opaque and transparent colours.

Each participant will create 1 x primary colour wheel and 1 x complimentary colour wheel and will walk away knowing how to mix beautiful colours from a limited pallet of artist quality paints. These colour wheels can be great references and aids when mixing colour in your own art practise.

The workshop will be informative, playful and fun, we can all have a big geek out about colour! Artists of all abilities welcome. Great for beginners to gain an understanding of colour mixing and for professional artists to delve deeper into colour.

Saturday 21 October, 2024
10am – 1pm
Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland WA
Includes all materials, and some refreshments.
*Please note: We might be capturing some moments during these events for future advertising purposes. If you whish for any images of you NOT to be used please notify staff upon arrival. 


About the Artist

Kate Leslie b 1984 in Perth Western Australia. Kate is a practicing artist who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University in 2004. Kate has held solo and group exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand and is currently working on a new body of artworks from her studio in PS Art Studio and Gallery.

Kate has worked as a facilitator, mentor, art consultant and curator with community arts organisations and individual artists across a range of sectors. Kate has a passion for working with people and supporting artists of all abilities to access and trust their creativity and to develop a strong professional practise, delivering high quality contemporary art.