EXHIBITION - 27/10/23


The Junction Co. is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to the grand opening of Stay Wild Moon Child… the party’s on the inside. This unique art exhibition is an ode to life’s hidden treasures, those radiant moments that we affectionately call ‘glimmers.’

At the core of this exhibition lies the remarkable art born from the creative energies of our community. Led by the talented Kate Leslie and Amanda Bell, these community workshops have produced breathtaking artworks that capture the diverse ‘glimmers’ that reside within the hearts of our community members. Kate and Amanda, who share an unwavering passion for all things that sparkle and shine, have woven their magic into the very fabric of this exhibition.

What Are Glimmers?

Glimmers, as we define them, are the little miracles that grace our lives with warmth, presence, and contentment. They are the experiences, connections, and resources that guide us back to equilibrium, soothing our nervous systems in an ever-busy world. Glimmers are as unique as the individuals who experience them, and this exhibition seeks to unveil the magic within each of us.

Beyond admiring the art, this exhibition aims to ignite your creative spark, inspiring you to capture the essence of joy in all its forms.

The Stay Wild Moon Child (- Riitta Klint), the party’s on the inside exhibition is part of The Junction Co.’s Panorama Project, a multi-faceted initiative that provides a supported pathway for disabled community members to develop their artistic practice and identify as an artist.

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Exhibition Opening
27 October 2023, 6pm – 8pm

Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street, Port Hedland, WA

Free inclusive event