Maggie Green


You should know, Myroodah Station, Kunmunya. We was working for station manager, Mick Lannigan. That’s where we were born there, me and my mum, and my grandmother too. That’s the camp for all the Aboriginals. All the blackfellas we working for manager. That’s the church this one and we got out own school on station. We clean up every morning for manager and we go to school early part. When we finish school we go clean up for manager. We wash the blanketsand sheet, quilt, mop the floor. [Then] we go hunting, we come back get a big mob of fish. Mum always make a big fire and cook him up on the coals. We go the creek, we wash clothes. We go swimming and we come back clean one. After Myroodah Station finished we been shipped up to Derby. We been finished that Myroodah Station, my boss been go back to Perth and we been pull out. We been going to Looma now. I been camp there.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 180cm x 43cm
Region: Pilbara, Spinifex Hill Studio