Phillip Munda

Wild Horses on Buffalo Skull

Peter Skipper and Mona Chuguna grew me up in Fitzroy Crossing on the Mission here.

“I went to school at the old mission school here in Fitzroy. Found a partner, a Bunuba woman and live here in Fitzroy Crossing together. I worked on Jubilee and Quanbun station, working in the stock camps. After stations I shifted to work building houses in Kenangi, I was the training foreman with NSP and CDP programs building all the houses in our Kenangi community. I started painting around 2002, I developed my own style, they taught me the art of boomerang making and I learned from Mona and Skipper. My work looks at the history for Indigenous people and the station history, all the work we did on the story. I’m a respectable person, a good man. Known to everyone in Fitzroy Crossing.”

Medium: Bullock skull and acrylic paint
Size: 45cm (h) x 59cm (w) x 70cm (d)
Region: Kimberley

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