EVENT 9/04/2021

the art of everyday

The burgeoning WA Indigenous textiles industry has established itself nationally; contemporary articulations of our Country shimmer across the surface of contemporary textiles on National and International catwalks. These stories are an extension of Australia’s only internationally renowned contemporary arts movement. With 60,000 years of history, the WA fashion showcase echoes the past as much as it looks to the future.

Presenting a myriad of possibilities, this visual celebration offers a glimpse into the infinite, timeless knowledge of WA Aboriginal arts and design whilst together, creating a contemporary language for a new era. Many artists and art centres in the showcase also see textiles and fashion as integral to future economic independence, developing new income streams through design, marketing and younger generations.

The Junction Co. have produced The Art of Everyday, curated by Emilia Galatis, and invite you to celebrate the textures, the colours and the dramatic diversity that the State of Western Australia. Privileging a Pilbara aesthetic, the project builds capacity and acknowledges the tremendous talent of the region including looks from Yinjaa-Barni, Kirrikin, Martumili, Spinifex Hill Artists, Port Hedland creatives and Juluwarlu. With many looks transcending the typical fast fashion framework, these timeless looks use fashion as a medium of an infinite lineage.

The Art of Everyday Collection Catalogue

Selected garments from The Art of Everyday are currently being shown at the Cossack Gallery until Sunday 16 May 2021.


Premiered at the 2021 Karijini Experience, deep in Kalamina Gorge, The Art of Everyday live runway showcase, accompanied by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra string quartet, is a celebration of innovation and a new frontier of Aboriginal fashion.

Art of Everyday Karijini Program