EXHIBITION 23.02.24 - 04.05.2024

Featuring Amelia Blanco, Sarah Green, and Paulette Jadzinski, Radius 5.0 presents a group of dynamic artists who showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions. Through their unique perspectives and creative approaches, these emerging talents bring fresh vitality to the contemporary art scene. The exhibition serves as a testament to the success of the Radius program, highlighting the growth and innovation fostered in the Pilbara region.

Each artist’s work within Radius 5.0 reflects not only their individual artistic journeys but also the collaborative spirit cultivated by The Junction Co.’s commitment to fostering artistic excellence. The exhibition, running from 23 February to 03 May 2024, provides a platform for these early-career regional artists to share their stories, visions, and distinctive voices with a broader audience..

This immersive experience is a testament to The Junction Co.’s ongoing dedication to nurturing the next generation of visual practitioners and fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic community. Join us in celebrating the culmination of the Radius 5.0 journey and discover the unique narratives woven by these talented artists.

Friday 23 February, 2024

6pm – 9pm

Courthouse Gallery+Studio
16 Edgar Street Port Hedland, WA 6721

This is a FREE inclusive event, all welcome

*The Radius 5.0 exhibition is held in conjunction with Radius 5.0.1: The Spirit of the Pen exhibition by Howard Holder.

Radius 5.0 Catalogue



Sarah Green, is an artist and graphic/surface designer, based in the Pilbara, WA Australia. She has the love to create handcraft artworks largely inspired by my natural environment, her love for the outdoors, the coast, and her childhood love of being close to nature. Green enjoys working with acrylics, watercolours and inks and a vibrant colour palette is often found throughout my style. From studying fine art and textile design, her career took a journey into Graphic Design, this has evolved recently into Surface Pattern Design. Greens passion is in her own art practice and creating hand crafted works from my inspirations into her designs and bringing her ideas to life through her own artwork. 



Amelia Blanco is a multidisciplinary emerging artist based in Port Hedland, Western Australia with a Cocos-Malay heritage.  

Blanco perceives both the opportunity and the limitations that exist for young people. Blanco overcame these barriers by perusing education and work on other places and has chosen to return to Port Hedland to be with her multigenerational family. She takes from her three simultaneous careers in videography and photography, lighting design for events and a mechanic. She enjoys drawing on all three skill sets in her art, most focussing on movement, light and shadow.  

In 2022, Blanco was featured in a group exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery+Studio, Port Hedland, as part of Sate-wide Open Borders project. In 2023, she was invited to exhibit and present an artist talk at John Curtin Gallery, Perth, for the Open Borders Regional Art Triennial servey exhibition.  


Paulette Jadzinski is a vibrant emerging artist hailing from Port Hedland, Western Australia. Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in the diverse tapestry of her surroundings, drawing inspiration from the people in her daily life in Port Hedland, her love for her carer, Jane Bolton, and finding creative resonance in the artistry of singer Selena Gomez. 

Paulette actively participates in our COLOURS workshops hosted at the Makers Space in the Courthouse Gallery. Through her attendance, she engages in the process of creating, contributing a unique perspective and energy to the artistic community. 

Her works are a testament to the fusion of personal connections, local influences, and the magnetic pull of global pop culture, creating a captivating narrative within the realm of contemporary art. As a multidisciplinary artist, Paulette continues to explore and evolve her creative expression, making her a noteworthy presence in the emerging art scene. 


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