Creating new opportunities for regional creatives is exciting,specifically leading the EVOLVE public art capacity-building programwhich teaches Pilbara artists to adapt their practice to create large-scaleand complex artwork and tell authentic regional stories. I am pleasedto see the first round of participants win commissions in Newmanand Hedland. More recently EVOLVE participants were mentoredby acclaimed artist Chris Nixon to develop a public art design for a ToPH project in Marapikurrinya Park. The Portside Town Team andthe Junction led the community engagement and public art consultation. It was great seeing community involvement in a selection process.”

Patrycja Rosinska, Activation Coordinator + A/Executive Officer

EVOLVE: Pilbara Public Artist Development Program launched as a pilot series of three, 3-day workshops working through real-timebriefs enabling participants to learn how to submit successful public art EOIs. Following the 2021 pilot program in Karratha, Hedland andNewman, EVOLVE shifted into a new phase, the continuation of capacity-building regional practitioners through online learning and ad hoc one and two day workshops commissioned by LGAs, developers and other agencies.