For each different exhibition, workshop, event and service the Junction presents, it means a new opportunity to create visually appealing (and functional) collateral. My favourite part of my role is working with the Junction team, artists and web developers, and creatively communicate information to audiences. For the Radius exhibition I was able to deviate from the standard invitations and work my magic to incorporate all the participating artists artwork into topographical maps, a play on the exhibition curatorial theme. The Radius collateral was bold, attractive and elements could be used throughout the exhibition as additional design features.”

Samantha Boon, Communications Coordinator + Graphic Designer

The Junction uses a number of social media channels, website, e-newsletters and publishes print collateral to connect and communicate with audiences. We strive to ensure that all our up-to-date information can be easily accessed; whether you’re using resources through our online learning portals, listening to a podcast or describing an artwork, on a walking tour, or watching one of our many subtitled videos, we are committed to providing content that is innovative and accessible.


The Welcome to Portside mural was installed as part of the Heritage Hedland: connecting through our history project. It was a multi-faceted initiative to activate Hedland’s historical precinct (Portside), by paying homage to the town centre’s heritage. Through the provision of contemporary street display, accompanying audio/visual interviews of key personalities, and community engaging sessions, the project engages and educates on key Hedland heritage locations and moments in time.  


Presenting the history and culture of the Portside, heart of the West End precinct, Port Hedland’s historical town center, the Welcome to Portside app is a carefully curated experience of Portside which now fits in your pocket. The app includes a directory of local businesses + a cultural and heritage walking tour which self-guides you through the history of the precinct.   

Welcome to Portside free application is available on App Store and Google Play and also can be viewed online.