Amy Morton, Creative Practitioner, was given the opportunity to establish a new community painting program as she facilitated weekly Art Antic sessions. In 2021 Paint+Sip nights were trialled at the Courthouse Gallery+Studio, “I was supported in expanding and stretching my facilitator skills, and learnt how to paint foundational landscape scenes for others to follow.”

In 2022, Lisa Goessmann, Creative Practitioner, grew the program leading participants to build new skills and test their boundaries in the arts. “I love watching people break boundaries they had set for themselves artistically, it was really inspiring to me. Watching windows open with the people I teach and see their confidence build, they can create beautiful artwork.”

The Junction’s Connecting Communities program stream brings people together, to actively improve community membership and engagement, to encourage a balance of work and play, and to help strengthen a sense of identity that is recognisably ‘Pilbara’. There is something for everyone, across different parts of the community and the region, from Hedland to Newman, Marble Bar to Tom Price and everywhere in between.