“The raw energy was overflowing at the Martumili Mob opening night. In the Gallery+Studio the Martu older men and women gathered alongside younger artists, who were helping them find a comfortable seat; babies crawling over swags placed on the floor, replicating the painting sheds out on country; story-sharing of culture and Country to family, Martu, other First Nations, and visitors, all vying to pick their favourite artwork and get a snap next to the artist. The phones rang hot as artwork was sold to buyers across the country, and celebrations as one exhibiting artist won at the coveted 2021 NATSII Awards, announced the same night”

Katie Evans, Executive Officer

Featuring artists who work in the communities of Parnpajinya (Newman), Jigalong, Parnngurr, Kunawarritji, Irrungadji and Warralong, Martumili Mob gave Hedland audiences a chance to get to know the incredible people and experiences that make Martumili so special. For Martu, art making is about so much more than paintings – the art centre is a space of community connection, story-telling, cultural celebration, and communal joy.