Tucked away in Hedland’s only public Ceramics Studio, part of the Portside Precinct, I help make creativity possible. After my annual refresh of the Studio making sure everything is in order, the community are welcomed into the space to learn how to transform a lump of clay into a work of art, a functional object, or perhaps even nothing, as the act of playing with the clay was all that was required. I love to share my knowledge and help guide young and old to become a Ceramics Member, use the equipment and apply new techniques to their practice. To see beginners grow and become finalists for Art Prizes and be part of exhibitions is super cool.”

Nadia Hanna, Ceramics Coordinator

The Courthouse Gallery+Studio Ceramics Studio engages local community members to create beautiful objects and capture memories of Hedland in their ceramic pieces. The development of the Ceramics Studio was based on conversations and requests from the creative community for access to ceramic facilities and workshops. Ceramic facilitation also occurs at other sites across the Pilbara.